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So I spent my holidays upgrading the backend of, and decided to do some serious capping.

Please comment if you'd like ZIPs. Or wait a week or so and they'll be up.

Mansfield Park (1999) )

Mansfield Park (2007) )

Persuasion (1971) )

Persuasion (1995) )

Persuasion (2007) )

Pride & Prejudice (2005) )

Sense & Sensibility (1995) )

I'm working my way through my Jane Austen DVD collection, so you can expect another post in the future!
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Barbarella (1968)
1,330 Images | 1024x420
Gallery | ZIP File (feel free to request in the comments)
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Screencaps: Labyrinth (1986)

Preview - 9 Images )

LabyrinthImages: 1,282 (845 x 365) DVD, 3,319 (1280 x 554) BluRay
Gallery: DVD Caps, BluRay Caps
ZIP: DVD, BluRay (318MB)

Credit: [ either or [ profile] _snitchbitch ]

pssst... I'm also opening a Labyrinth Fanfiction Archive with [ profile] pirateystripes, but we've got to put the finishing touches on it. Still, so far it's looking pretty!

Still, if anyone would like to post their Labyrinth fics there in time for the opening, please email me/comment and I'll give you the URL!
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Screencaps: Harry Potter & The Philospher's Stone

Preview - 8 Images )

Images: 2,205, 768 x 576
ZIP: ZIP File (101.64MB)

Credit: [ either or [ profile] _snitchbitch ]

Now is probably a good time to mention that Nadia & I have officially opened our joint screencap archive,
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So yeh. I capped Ella Enchanted. Girl-crush on Anne Hathaway aside, screencaps are below:

Preview - 9 Images )

Images: 1076, 1024 x 576
ZIP: Zip File (76.91MB)

Credit: [ either or [ profile] _snitchbitch ]
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I was actually planning on making a few things with these [hence the reason for capping] but I got a bit stuck for time over the weekend. If anyone wants, I've capped Calamity Jane

Preview - 4 Images )

Calamity Jane
Images: 687, 768 x 576

Credit: [ either or [ profile] _snitchbitch ]
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